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Classes are designed so that you leave in a relaxed state and have some simple tools at your finger tips for managing stress on your own. Note that some of the classes are take-out only at this time. Contact me for more details.

Five Senses

This class will teach you the benefits of mindful awareness of each of your senses and provide tips for doing this in your everyday life.


For every body,

at any time - classic yoga poses connected with mindful movement and breath to nurture the mind and body. Beginners absolutely welcome.

This class is presently TAKE-OUT only. Get a few friends together, find a space, and contact me!


Poses modified to be performed sitting in a chair and/or using a chair for support. Emphasis on mindful breathing throughout.


Jan 15 - Apr1, 2020

Join me in the Common room at Almon Place, 5534 Almon Street, Halifax each Wednesday from 1:30 to 2:30

$3 drop-in fee


A blissful stress-reducing class devoted to supported poses for extended periods of time. Essential oils will be incorporated to enhance the experience.

I'm hoping to find a space for spring 2020...check back

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